Test Scores

The Explore Test is given each October to all 8th grade students in area Lutheran elementary schools.

The test scores below compare our Green Park students with other students around the country who took this same test.  As you can see, our students excel when their scores are compared to the national scores.

Green Park Lutheran School does not discriminate in admission of students based on race, ethnicity, social/economic status, select intellectual ability, or nationality.  We represent a broad range of students.

While our students as a group greatly exceed the national norms in every subject, math continues to be strongest area.  Our students do extremely well at our school and continue that success into the high schools they attend.

Congratulations, 8th graders, GREAT JOB!




                                          Nat’l Avg.       GPLS 2013/2014       GPLS 2012/2013       GPLS 2011/2012   

Math                                      15.5                       21.0                               20.0                              21.7

Science                                16.6                       18.8                               19.2                              18.5

Reading                               14.6                       17.1                               17.8                              18.5

English                                 14.7                       17.3                               18.4                              17.9

Composite                          15.5                        18.7                               18.9                              19.3