Grandparents For Green Park

Grandparents are a very important part of Green Park.  As grandparents we can provide support for our grandchildren and all the children and teachers at Green Park.

One of the first goals we would like to accomplish is to establish a database of grandparents.  By doing this, we could keep grandparents informed of the various happenings at Green Park.  We would also like to establish a volunteer list of way that we could help out at Green Park.  At a later date, we may want to provide some fundraising opportunities in which the grandparents would play a vital part. 

We would like to “advertise” our role as Grandparents for Green Park by offering T-shirts and sweatshirts for you to purchase.  We thought it would be fun to wear these at Green Park athletic events that we attend or anytime we want to show that we are connected with Green Park.  The shirts will be your choice of kelly green or forest green with a specially designed Grandparents logo printed in white. 

If you would like to purchase a T-shirt or sweatshirt, please complete the order form included here:

Grandparents for Green Park Order Form

We need to know style, color, size, etc. before we can order.  T-shirts are $10.00 and sweatshirts are $15.00 (larger sizes $2.00 extra).  Please include payment with your order.  Checks should be made out to Green Park Lutheran School. 

If you have any questions, please call one of the following grandparents:

Bert Lind                    Ginne Baese                Sharon Hammon

(314) 544-4371       (314) 842-2068            (314) 892-6500