Making the Most of Your Gift: Matching Funds 

Many employers support your personal charitable contributions through matching funds. Green Park Lutheran School welcomes this additional gift as part of our ongoing commitment to broaden our donor base to further enhance our academic and extracurricular programs in our school and encourage an ongoing relationship with new donors. Green Park is a 501 (c) (3) entity, which usually qualifies for matching funds. Make the most of your donation – follow these easy steps to complete the matching funds process.

  1. Decide how much you want to contribute to Green Park Lutheran School – Complete your individual donation form along with the check for your selected amount.
  2. Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department. Ask your HR Department if they provide matching funds to charitable organizations. Inquire if there is a specified match amount as some employers may have a minimum / maximum donation they will match. Additionally, you should obtain a copy of the matching fund form from your employer.
  3. Fill out your Matching Funds form and submit it, along with your individual donation form and individual check to Green Park’s Development Office. We will take it from there.  Some employers only match gifts once per year, some match quarterly. Regardless of when your employer processes these requests, be assured that Green Park appreciates your extra effort in submitting these forms so we can maximize your gift!

Benefits to You

  • Capitalize on one of your employment benefits.
  • Knowledge that your money is being matched to YOUR selected organization

Benefits to Green Park Lutheran School

  • Provides Green Park Lutheran School with a greater source of income to ensure quality educational experiences in a Christ-filled environment.

 Matching Funds – Sample Employer Listing

Check with your organization today to see if they’re a matching company.

Thank you for your gift and your match!