March – May 2020 How We Changed and Continued Education during The Coronavirus Pandemic

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March – May 2020 How We Changed and Continued Education During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The following details what we did from March through May 2020 to protect our students and faculty during the Coronavirus Pandemic while continuing education from our youngest learners (3 years old) all the way up to our 8th graders (14 years old).

  1. Complying with stay at home orders. We have fully complied with the Stay at Home order set forth for St. Louis County. We are not meeting in person and all events have been put on hold or cancelled for the time being.


  1. We’ve gone virtual! All of our students and faculty are practicing distance learning from the comfort of their homes.  We’ve integrated Zoom into our daily learning with students to allow everyone to connect to their peers and teachers. Faculty and Staff are also able to meet this way to maintain contact, to communicate face to face, and for general discussions.


  1. Maintaining educational content and structure. Our teachers have spent hours working to put schedules together and to continue to deliver content to them.  This is not easy but rest assured, we have wonderful, caring, loving and dedicated teachers to make this as great of an experience as our students and families can have.  Teachers are taking attendance, grading and monitoring assignments as well as homework loads to make sure our students are not overwhelmed.


  1. Teaching and regrouping. We recognize this is an unprecedented time, but we still believe in a quality, Christ-centered education in which our students thrive and succeed with routines and a sense of normalcy.  Our teachers will be evaluating these new methods of teaching along with our Principal, Mr. Eggold, to ensure a quality distance learning experience for all of our students.  Teachers have encouraged students to keep up with physical activity outdoors when possible and have worked it in to student’s schedules for the day.


  1. Embracing each families’ unique structures and schedules. Distance learning looks quite a bit different than a typical school day when everyone is on campus. Our teachers have sent out schedules as a guide for families and are remaining flexible given these circumstances. For our JK3-4th grade students, this is quite a bit more flexible.  For our middle school students (5th-8th grade) who are accustomed to schedules that include switching classes, things look a bit different.  We’ve created time placeholders so that the students and the teachers know that they are available at certain times and won’t be interrupted during that time.


  1. Setting goals. We want to connect with your children. We believe it is very important that they see our teacher’s faces and hear their voices.  We’re continuing the 4th quarter education. We are working on teaching the concepts that they will need to move on to the next grade level.


  1. Accepting questions and feedback. No question from a parent or student is a bad question. We need to hear how things are going so we can make the adjustments as needed.  It is also helpful to know that what we are doing is working so we can continue those practices.  Please communicate with your child’s teachers.


  1. Continuing office hours. Each teacher has office hours, from home, from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday to answer questions via Zoom or email. Our principal, Mr. Eggold, has office hours, from home, from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


  1. Continuing enrollment and extending financial aid deadlines. Now, more than ever, our families and students need a sense of normalcy amongst chaos. We have continued to accept enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year.  The LESA organization that provides Building Blocks for K-8th grade has extended their deadline to submit applications for financial assistance.  The new deadline is April 10 and the verification and completion of the application should be done by April 30th.


Anxiousness, confusion, disbelief, uncertainty, anger, frustration, nervousness; these are some of the emotions that are running through our minds.  Remember, grace takes care of all of this, grace wipes away all these feelings, grace pulls us to the cross, grace gives us permission to live.  During these next few weeks, let us live in His Grace.  When our hearts are filled with grace, we can know all the abundant things that God will and can do.


This is an exciting time for us!  There are many positives that are already surfacing and we believe that God will continue to bless and show us many more positive things as we move forward.  We love your children and we want what is best for them.


“Be strong and let your heart take courage all who wait for the Lord.” Psalm 31:24