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Part of what makes Green Park unique from other schools is regular worship. Parents, grandparents, family, and friends are welcome to join us in chapel worship each 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday each month. (First Wednesdays are reserved for small group devotions with Faith Families in classrooms.) When possible, Green Park will live stream chapel worship on Facebook.

Students assemble in the gym at 8:25am. Chapel begins at 8:30 and ends about 9:00. Worship leaders come from a variety of area churches including Green Park association churches.


16: Lisa Waltenberger: Grace Theme
23: Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, July/August Baptisms
30: Gethsemane Lutheran Church


6: Faith Family: We Need Each Other
13: Resurrection Lutheran Church
20: Peace Lutheran Church, September Baptisms
27: Christ Memorial Outstanding Vikings Awards


4: Faith Family: Be Kind All The Time
6: Christ Memorial (special Friday 9:30am worship) Grandparents’ Day
11: Resurrection Lutheran Church
18: Peace Lutheran Church – Christina Stackle, October Baptisms
25: Mr. Rusert, Outstanding Vikings Awards


1: Faith Family: You First
8: Epiphany Pastor Tim
15: 6th grade students, November Baptisms
29: Peace Lutheran Church, Outstanding Vikings Awards


6: Faith Families: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
13: Peace Lutheran Church, December Baptisms
19: Lisa Waltenberger, Christmas Assembly (Friday), Outstanding Vikings Awards

Semester 2 Chapel offerings for Mercyline/Camp Wartburg


10: Faith Families: Watch My Words
17:  Gethsemane
22-26: NLSW as follows:
22: Lisa Waltenberger, January Baptisms Theme: Connected
23: Pastor Cloeter, Christ Memorial, NLSW devotional, Bible Bee
24: Pastor Gruenwald, Resurrection, NLSW devotional
25: Christina Stackle, DCE, Peace, NLSW devotional
26: Pastor Paetow, Gethsemane, NLSW devotional
31: Resurrection Lutheran Church, Outstanding Vikings Awards


7: Faith Family: Friends Forgive
14: Peace Lutheran Church
21: Pastor John, Faith Oakville
28: Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Outstanding Vikings Awards


6: Faith Family: I Am Valuable
13: Gethsemane Lutheran Church, March Baptisms
27: Lisa Waltenberger/Lutheran South, Outstanding Vikings Awards


3: Faith Family: Friendship Is A Gift
10: Camp Wartburg
17: Pastor Sam, Faith Oakville, April Baptisms
14: Resurrection Lutheran Church, Oustanding Vikings Awards


1: May/June Baptisms
10: Friday – Faith Family Field Day
15: 8th grade
25: Thursday – Lisa Waltenberger, Closing Chapel, Outstanding Vikings Awards

2023-24 Oustanding Vikings Awards

Outstanding Vikings Awards concepts were chosen from our theme, “Grace” (Ephesians 2 8:9)

August – Overview of theme for the Year: Grace. Ephesians 2:8-9

September – We Need Each Other

October – Be Kind All The Time

November – You First

December – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

January – Watch My Words

February – Friends Forgive

March – I Am Valuable

April/May – Friendship Is A Gift