Part of what makes Green Park unique from other schools is regular worship. Parents, grandparents, family, and friends are welcome to join us in chapel worship each 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday each month. (First Wednesdays are reserved for small group devotions with Faith Families in classrooms.) When possible, Green Park will live stream chapel worship on Facebook.

Students assemble in the gym at 8:25am. Chapel begins at 8:30 and ends about 9:00. Worship leaders come from a variety of area churches including Green Park association churches.


Chapel Offering to Dan Tieffenbrunn
14: Stephen Eggold
21: Christ Memorial Lutheran Church
28: Gethsemane Lutheran Church


Chapel Offering to Dan Tieffenbrunn
4: Faith Family Strong
11: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
18: Peace Lutheran Church, September Baptisms
25: Pastor Stanish, Character Trait Awards, Ray of Hope


Chapel Offering to Christian Friends of New Americans
2: Faith Family Active, Embrace Diversity
4: Grandparents’ Day (special Friday 9:30am worship) Christ Memorial

9: Gethsemane Lutheran Church
16: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
23: Peace Lutheran Church, October Baptisms
30: Sixth Grade Leaders, Character Trait Awards, Empathy, Embrace Diversity


Chapel Offering to Christian Friends of New Americans
6: Faith Family Self Control
13: Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, November Baptisms
20: Gethsemane Lutheran Church


Chapel Offering to Christian Friends of New Americans
4: Faith Families Self Control
11: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, December Baptisms
20: Christmas Assembly, Stephen Eggold (Friday), Character Trait Awards


Chapel Offering Lutheran Heritage Foundation
8: Faith Families Grit
15: Peace Lutheran Church
22: Pastor Benkendorf (LHF), January Baptisms
29: Stephen Eggold, NLSW


Chapel Offering Lutheran Heritage Foundation
5: Faith Families Grit
12: Dave Rusert
19: Faith Lutheran Church, February Baptisms
26: Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Character Trait Awards


Chapel Offering River Roads
4: Faith Families Integrity
11: Lutheran South, March Baptisms
25: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection


Chapel Offering Association Churches
1: Faith Families Integrity
8: Director of Christian Education, Christina Stackle, Peace Lutheran Church
15: Camp Wartburg, April/May Baptisms
22: Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Character Trait Awards, Integrity

29: Peace


Chapel Offering Feed My People
8: Faith Families, Wrap Up of Formative Five (Friday) Field Day – Can Castles
13: Eighth Grade Chapel
22: Closing Chapel (Friday), Stephen Eggold, Character Trait Awards

2019-20 Character Traits

Character traits were chosen from our theme, “God G.I.D.E.S. my path,” based on Psalm 25: 4-5 (NIV)

August: an overview of the 5 formative five words
September: Empathy – Capacity to accurately understand the position and feelings of others, learn to see the
world through others perspectives.
October: Embrace Diversity – Understanding that there are differences among us and learning to recognize,
appreciate and embrace them
November – December: Self Control – Ability to delay gratification and resist temptation, making choices for
future times than for the moments satisfaction
January – February: Grit – tenacity, perseverance, hanging in and not ever giving up; knowing that we fail
and reacting positively to overcome; persevering in face of challenges
March – April: Integrity – practicing your values not just professing them; not just being honest but standing
up for what is right; knowing right from wrong and then doing the right thing
May: Wrap up of the Formative Five