Duke TIP Exceptional Academic Students: Robert, Natalee, Luke, Lizzie, Ethan

By August 30, 2018 September 4th, 2018 What We're Up To

Congratulations to seventh grade students, Robert, Natalee, Luke, Lizzie, Ethan. These students have been identified by Duke University through the Talent Identification Program (TIP) as exceptional academic students.

Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented students. Duke TIP works with students, their families, and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage, and help students reach their highest potential. The 7th Grade Talent Search identifies bright seventh graders based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school.

Candidates are invited to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exams as seventh graders, which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities. In addition, they gain valuable benefits and have access to unique resources for gifted students. With the high score that these students achieved they now qualify for the Academy of Summer Studies and Center for Summer Studies.

Duke Tip:  http://tip.duke.edu/