The St. Louis Cardinals are partnering with Green Park to bring Fredbird & Friends Elementary School Program to our students. In partnership with FOX Sports Midwest, they will help our kids think about the question, “What makes a good teammate? Former Cardinal pitcher, Kyle McClellan will accompany the beloved Fredbird to an assembly in the Green Park gymnasium to promote the program’s key messages: Be Active! Be Responsible! and Be Yourself! The assembly will be held on Monday, May 20, at 1:30pm.

Fredbird & Friends was designed to be a fun, interactive way for students to better understand how they can be successful at school, at home, and in life. This includes:

  • Being physically active and participating in extracurricular activities and clubs;
  • Valuing what makes them unique as well as the contributions of others;
  • Working together with peers, teachers, and family members; and
  • Seeking out help from the adults in their lives who can help them achieve their goals.

Green Park has been provided with materials to help us get ready for the assembly. We are planning on having each class decorate a poster to incorporate the program messages. The goal is to provide enriching opportunities that make learning fun. On that day, we also invite all students, teachers, staff, and guests to dress in their favorite Cardinal attire!

We invite parents to join us for the assembly! Families are an important part of the school community, and the program is reinforcing messages that you may already be emphasizing with your student at home. We hope that you also continue the conversation about teamwork at home after the assembly at school. We hope to see you there. Go Cardinals!