Fulfilling His Vision

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The Campaign for Green Park Lutheran School

Many of us know friends who have gone on mission.  Some travel to a foreign destination, while others stay in the states, all to spread the good news of Jesus.  We certainly can’t all serve that way…whether it’s because of a lack of time, resources or even the drive to reach out to challenging communities.  But you do have the opportunity to support mission today, right in your own backyard.

By supporting Green Park Lutheran School, you’re not only helping the education of Christian students, but you’re supporting those just seeking academic rigor in a private school here in south county.  Families from 23 different zip codes drive to our campus each day.  More and more outside of the association churches. Green Park is a mission field with academic excellence as our first step.

Join us as we work to faithfully equip the next generation of servant leaders.  We’ll start by maintaining the academic rigor and Green Park excellence we know and love.

In an effort to Fulfill His Vision, we are seeking funding for the following strategic objectives:

$31,000 will be used for technology to provide 1:1 devices for all grade levels. Each student will have the tool for research, writing, updated e-textbooks, and educational apps.

$15,000 for training of our faculty to maximize the use of the devices for enhanced student learning.

$60,000 to hire an educational technology coordinator to provide technical expertise for implementation of tools, research all available technology, and maintain the technology plan.

$40,000 additional funding for community outreach so our community can be made aware of the tremendous opportunities our school can provide.  Our hope is a result in a larger base of students alleviating the need for for future funding initiatives.

$45,000 to repair and replace the playground surface for recess and PE so students have a safe surface to run and play.

Endowment Fund

  • $25,000 would be added to our endowment fund from direct contributions
  • $1,000,000 is our target for endowment fund pledges, including planned gifts