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Grades 5-8

When you choose Green Park middle school, your child will be trained to be a leader. The JK-8 campus sets the stage for young adults to step up as role models for the lower school. Tweens and young teens delight in being the oldest, most experienced and familiar with the campus. Green Park boasts exceptional award-winning teachers with a passion for nurturing the middle school student. These experienced educators share their joy for English, Math Science and Social Studies, resulting in well-prepared students for high school.

  • Math: 5-7 General Math, 8th Pre-Algebra & Algebra
  • Science: 5 General Science/Engineering, 6 Ecology/Astronomy, 7 Weather & Cells/Life, 8 Pre Chemistry & Human Body
  • English: 5-8 Lucy Caulkins Writing, Vocbulary Studies, Literature, Drama
  • Social Studies: 5 Social Studies, 6 Ancient Civilizations, 7 World Geography, 8 U.S. History/Constitution
  • Additional: Physical Education, Music, Band, Science Fair, Art, Religion

Green Park middle school students routinely score in the highest percentiles of standardized tests, including students who qualify for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). Learning runs far beyond standardized tests through experiential learning in labs, academic competitions, and hands on studies. Outside of academics, 5-8th grade students are invited to participate in our athletic program, Academic Team, Math Team, Robotics, Band, and more. Eighth grade students lead small group Bible study each month with the help of a seventh grader in Green Park’s Faith Families. Fifth grade students are chapel buddies to kindergarteners modeling worship and leading. Middle schoolers are matched with a reading buddy for kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

From Field Day and National Lutheran Schools Week to sixth grade at Camp Wartburg, Green Park is full of tradition and leadership training. As any Viking alum what made their experience at Green Park so great? It’s sure to center around faith formation, friends, and memories. Each fall sixth graders enjoy a trip to Camp Wartburg. It’s a rite of passage, a lesson in trust, a reaffirmation of faith, a strengthening of friendships, team building, and plenty of tradition.

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How we’re different:

  • Middle school leadership opportunities.
  • Extended time devoted to Literature & Writing. While many schools group Literature, Vocabulary, English, and Writing into one class period, we’ve devoted two.
    Extensive use of the Science Lab. Love Science but blossom in a hands-on setting? You’d love Green Park. Plenty of time in the lab, field trips, even Science Fair projects done right.
  • Excellence in Math. We’ve had years where 22 of 29 eighth graders scored in the 90th percentile and higher on the ACT EXPLORE test.
  • Big fish in a small pond… isn’t adolescence the perfect time to feel this way?
  • Green Park is unique in that we’re a freestanding school not on a church campus. Instead of all the same people all the time, we bring families from lots of various churches in the area. Some not at all. It’s in your time, not ours.
  • Sports. Some years we’re great, some years we’re learning.  It’s part of the joy in being on a school team and one of the best memory makers.