Ask any educator – you’ll be sure to hear each child brings his or her own unique learning style to the classroom. “There’s a huge range of normal.” explains GP Kindergarten Teacher, Stephanie Torbeck. “There are children entering my class already reading and at the end of the year some leaving having just mastered their letters and sounds. All of it is normal. Children are developing different skills at different times. That’s why it’s important to take them to their next level.”

Through the Balanced Literacy curriculum offered at Green Park, teachers regularly assess all students in order to challenge them at developmentally appropriate levels. Our dedicated Reading Library with a Reading/Math Specialist offers teachers the flexibility to better individualize instruction. Whether your child needs more challenge or a little extra help, GP Reading/Math Specialist Debbie Prange is available for individualized instruction. Each K-2 classroom is equipped with 1:1 iPads with appropriate reading levels and apps to further enhance learning.

Each grade at Green Park purposefully and intentionally offers the same subjects as the upper school students, just on their level. From Science Lab to Music, P.E. to Art, students are exposed to more and more learning each year.

While K-2 children master reading, it’s no secret third and fourth graders read to learn. With the new way of learning, students are challenged to spread wings and explore new territories of presentations, writing, and a dive deeper into more Science and History. Third graders enjoy writing exercises and a friendship each year with residents at Laclede Groves Senior Living. Their studies on energy, writing and oral presentations of biographies, multiplication, and cursive set the stage for future learning.

Fourth graders are soon exposed to the crowd favorite – Missouri Studies. The new lessons on history open the next set of doors to writing, history, and middle school learning. From the classroom “store” and lessons on banking, saving, spending, budgeting, fourth graders are prepped for Green Park’s upper school wing.

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