Growing Green Park Endowment Fund

What is the “Growing Green Park Endowment Fund”?

The Growing Green Park Endowment Fund will ultimately be the cornerstone by which Green Park is able to continue to thrive now and for generations to come.

An endowment fund paves the way for Green Park to be able to raise funds in 4 main categories: Tuition assistance, Facilities, Technology, and Curriculum Enhancement. When supporters like you donate to Growing Green Park, we are able to use a portion of the earnings after only one year and still leave funds protected and available for use in the future.

Growing Green Park is a way for families to dedicate funds to the school which will have a direct impact on the here and now as well as for future generations at Green Park.

How Are Funds Managed?

Fund management is handled by the GPLS Endowment Committee and managed by the Green Park School Board. If you would like more detailed information about how our endowment funds are managed or distributed, please contact our accountant, Sara Hopfer, at 314.544.4248

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