Hopfer & Team Create App for GP Childcare

By December 14, 2017What We're Up To

As a part of his Information Systems major at University of Missouri-St. Louis, Kyle Hopfer (GP 2010) was required to take an Information Systems Design class which is considered the senior capstone course for IS majors. As a part of this class, students must demonstrate their ability to find a real-world client that is experiencing some sort of “process pain” that can be fixed with an information system. Throughout 16 weeks, a team of students designs, builds, and implements an information system for their client. Kyle and his team created an application that manages the signing in and out of students at before and after care, keeps tracks of line items, and gives the ability to create invoices for each family who utilizes before and after care each month at Green Park. They presented their final system to Green Park’s Childcare Director, April Baese and Principal, Mr. Eggold last night at UMSL. Pictured are Kyle (red tie, back) and his team, along with Mrs. Baese (right) and Mr. Eggold (right).

“This app ensures accuracy and efficiency in our program.  By checking students in real time, parents can track when and who picked up or dropped off.  They joked it takes us out of ‘pen and paper age and puts us in the computer age.’ We’re just lucky they chose us. This group worked so hard and I am really proud of all of them.” – April Baese, Green Park Childcare Director

“Your application ran perfectly and your docs are gorgeous! Your final presentation was also a work of art.  I am so proud of all of you.  Even though you got ‘stuck on the mountain’ you realized you couldn’t stay there.  CONGRATULATIONS!”  – Joe

Joseph Rottman, D.Sc.
Professor of IS
Department Chair, Global Leadership and Management
Director, International Business Institute