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Developmentally appropriate intentional growth in each child is what we strive for here at Green Park Lutheran School. Step into our Junior Kindergarten classrooms and you will find a calming joy as JK students experience the stepping-stone to elementary school. JK3 and JK4 is a two-year continuum of skill development for our youngest learners.

Purposefully intertwined with our K-8 program, JK students are introduced to the elementary experience…on their own level. From age-appropriate lessons, learning centers and daily Bible study, it is a perfect introduction to what will soon be “big school”.

Beyond the comfort of close relationships with parents and teachers, students can feel secure and loved in a Christian environment. A consistent daily schedule creates a comfortable confidence in young learners resulting in smooth transitions.

While we celebrate our reputation in strong academics at Green Park, there is no shortage of play in early elementary education. Play, with its rich opportunities for creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, social interaction, learning, and fun belongs in strong early elementary programs. Play, as a tool of the mind, is a critical foundation for development and learning for life.

What sets us apart?

  • Availability. Choose the schedule that best fits your family. Full time, part-time, all day, half day. Pick the days.
  • Preparation for kindergarten. By being on a JK-8 campus, students are exposed to the workings of “big school”. Field day, faith families, reading buddies, chapel.
  • Hot lunch on site available to all students. No need to pack everyday (unless you wanted). Daily hot lunches include full salad bar, fresh fruit and vegetables and a milk or water. Lunch fees are conveniently added to your online TADS account for payment.
  • Parent activity with full PTO and planning for fun. Ready to be part of the fun of school activities and parent friendships? Join us today.
  • Uniforms. It might seem silly to mention but for some parents…it’s a game-changer.

Details we love to talk about:

  • Age-appropriate large fenced in playground
  • Secure building complete with security cameras in and around campus
  • Christian environment with close relationships with parents and teachers
  • School gymnasium ideal for gross motor activities
  • JK curriculum map provided on tour
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  • Enrollment Fee  $300 per family

JK Tuition 2023-2024

  • 5 Days per week: $6,736 full days, $3,665 half days
  • 4 Days per week: $5,783 full days, $3,186 half days
  • 3 Days per week: $4,507 full days, $2,443 half days
  • 2 Days per week: $3,186 full days, $1,747 half days

Full Day:  8:15am-3:00pm

Half Day:  8:15am-11:30am with option to bring/buy lunch at stay till 12:00 noon

Michelle Barnes

Junior Kindergarten 4 teacher

I believe children should be encouraged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment.

Amanda Daniels

Junior Kindergarten 3 teacher

My goal is for all students to succeed. To me, this means I will use different teaching strategies to help every learner so they feel safe and secure in the classroom.