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Being part of the 5-8th grade band program at Green Park Lutheran School goes beyond notes and rhythms.  While teaching music is the goal of the class, students benefit the most from the behind the scenes work.  Self-discipline and responsibility become great lessons in music education.  Mastering an instrument comes with determination, practice, and time.  We pray our students gain an appreciation for music and a passion for performing.

Beginning in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to participate in the Beginner Band program through Lutheran High School South.  Band meets twice each week during the school day and offers performance opportunities.  Students in 6th grade are in the Intermediate Band.  Students in their third and fourth years of playing are in the Advanced Band.  Select Advanced Band students may be invited to participate in the Junior Winds Select Honor Band.

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More info on the band program is available here.

Evan Sanft

Band Instructor