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From the lavender-filled air to alternative seating, audio books, and calming music, Mrs. Templeton’s room is ready to assist.  Partnered in cooperation with the Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE), Green Park offers full-time special education resource room and study help to any students needing support at no additional cost.

While a typical class of students is those who have been formally diagnosed with mental health or learning disabilities, times have changed.  There is an increase of sensory issues and with variances in the spectrum, no two children are alike.  At Green Park, there is no red tape.  Qualifying students include those diagnosed with a type of disability, but not limited to a diagnosis, and students at risk or otherwise struggling in the classroom.

Services include a pull-out or integrated programming as well as classroom assistance and consultation.  By middle school, the goal is to keep students in the class.  Individual Education Plans (IEPs), intervention plans, and Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) are included as part of the program.  With assistive technology like audio books and smart pens to alternative seating, fidget toys, even scent & sound, students can find a place to learn individually.

Mrs. Templeton brings a Bachelors in Special Education from University of Central Missouri and certifications in all areas of special edcuation Pre K-12, Masters of Arts from Lindenwood University in Education, Masters of Arts in Educational Technology  from Lindenwood University and years of experience prior to Green Park.

Green Park’s goal is to provide the best possible education in the least restricted environment for each child.  For more information about LASE or Speech and Language services through the Learning Connection at LASE:

Sandi Loduca

Special Education

“I’m unconventional. Always looking for something to help kids learn and appear competitive. It’s important for self-esteem and continued learning. I’m open-minded to new ideas and a strong advocate of technology. Lot of collaboration with classroom teachers and working with parents is included. It’s a balance of law and gospel and I’m thankful to be in this smaller environment where I can share Jesus’ love.” – Mrs. Loduca