Top 10 reasons Green Park Lutheran School might be right for your family…

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Extra-curricular activities: Like all responsible schools, our primary commitment is to our students. We strive to provide them a rich array of opportunities in a stimulating environment conducive to learning.  Arts Offerings: Drawing/painting, Plays, Christmas & Spring Musicals, Creative Writing, Choir, Band, Strings, Junior Winds  Athletics: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field, Cross Country After School Programs: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Chess, Service Club, Card Ministry, Yearbook, Knitting


Curriculum: The first years of school lay the foundation for academic success. Green Park faculty and staff take great care to provide the strongest foundation possible. With the help of Balanced Literacy, Green Park students are able to advance at varying levels. Our separate reading library offers teacher the flexibility to pull books appropriate for each students’ levels K-8.

Students receive more from specialized teachers. Our departmentalized middle school creates a traditional middle school model with superior results. Students receive specialized instruction in Language Arts, Literature, Math, Religion, Social Studies and Science.


Legacy & Tradition: It’s no secret – many of our current parents attended Green Park! When you become a Viking, you’re part of the family. Through service, friendship and families grow together creating a lasting legacy. Parents bring their own children back for that same excellence in education and foundation of faith they received years before. But it doesn’t stop there – we love having new families. It’s what makes us a true ministry for Christ!


Academic results: Students at Green Park continually excel at academic competitions and our test scores are proving it. While test scores are not our first priority, it’s worth mentioning – in fall 2011, 27 of our 34 8th graders scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the ACT Explorer test. Of those 27, 9 scored in the 100th percentile.


Accredited: Green Park is fully accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) and the Missouri Non-Public School Accreditation and is a Member of LESA (Lutheran Elementary Association of St. Louis –



Kids love school: When you combine excellence in education, a clean organized environment conducive to learning and a staff who loves to teach, kids are having fun and doing well. Isn’t that what we all want for our children?


Affordable & tuition assistance available: Unlike many private schools in the area, Green Park’s tuition is over $6,000. Families from the four association churches pay 60% of that cost and tuition assistance is available.


Parents who care: We all care about our children… but here we care about our school, too. Stop in unannounced and you’re likely to find parents volunteering in the library, classroom or office. It’s a community and we help one another to better the school, better one another and serve together.


Outstanding Teachers: Our faculty is like none other. This perfect mix of veterans and young tech stars feed and support one another throughout each day. 72% of our teachers hold advanced degrees.



Christ-Centered: Our workshop is a place where students, parents and teachers work together to glorify Christ and grow in mind, body and soul. Simply put, we teach the whole student and incorporate Jesus in everyday academics. And this is far from adding a prayer here or a song there. This is our culture. To faithfully equip the next generation.