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What is SCRIP?

The Green Park Lutheran School Scrip Program provides GPLS families the opportunity to reduce their annual tuition and school fees by purchasing gift cards to your favorite brands to use for your daily purchases. A percentage of the purchase goes back to Green Park in a way that you specify as per the choices below, so you have control of the funds being distributed.

So, how exactly does this work?

Participants may choose to have 75% of earnings distributed periodically to one of the following options (the remaining 25% will be used to offset administrative costs of running the program):
-Tuition reduction or school fees for a specific GPLS family (including your own!)
-GPLS Tuition Assistance Fund

Example of Earnings:
Smith Family orders one $100 Walmart card with a 2% profit = $2.00
Smith Family orders one $100 Walgreens card with a 7% profit = $7.00
Total Profit = $9.00
75% of Total Profit goes to the Smith Family account = $6.75
25% of Total Profit goes to offset administrative costs of running the program = $2.25

What type of brands/stores can I purchase gift cards for?

There are over 700 brands/stores on the list to choose from!  Top brands like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, WalMart, Bread Co, Apple, Disney, Southwest Airlines, CVS Pharmacy, Old Navy, Carnival Cruise, BP, Shutterfly, Xbox, Budget, Cheesecake Factory, Marriot, Double Tree, Dunkin, Holiday Inn, Oberweis, Delta, and many more.

How do I use the gift cards?

Gift cards can be used just like cash at the participating business.

Can I give the gift cards as gifts?

Yes!  Absolutely.  It’s a great gift idea and you can let the recipient know that their gift helps support Green Park Lutheran.

I’m a supporter of Green Park Lutheran, but I don’t have any children that go there.  Can I still participate?

GPLS supporters (faculty and staff, grandparents, extended families, association congregation members, neighbors, community members, etc.) are encouraged to participate in the program.  We’re so thankful for your support!

Where do I order?

Green Park families are encouraged to register online at to place their orders. This allows families to order anytime day or night.

Order forms can be found here:
Family Order Form – 2023

When do I order?

Orders will be placed every few weeks. Orders will be due on a Friday and the cards should be ready to pick up/be sent home via backpack the following Friday. Orders received after 3:00 p.m. on the Friday the orders are due will be held until the next order date.

How do I get my gift cards?

Orders may be picked up at school on the announced day or may be released to a student.

How to Register and Order

Before you place an order, you will need Green Park’s Enrollment Code.  Please contact our Scrip Coordinator, Mrs. Sara Hopfer at for this code.

Register online at to place orders. Select a customer ID and password. Follow these steps to register.

    • Go to
    • Look for the green box on the left side of the screen titled “Family Sign Up!” Click on “Create Account”.
    • Follow the instructions and accept the terms and conditions.

Before You Place an Order:

  • The next screen you will see is titled “Join a Non-Profit” (you will need the enrollment code at this point).
  • Once you have joined, you will receive a registration confirmation from Great Lakes via email.

Place Your Order:

  • Once you are registered, you can now place your Scrip order online* at This is an order management system only. It does not collect money from families.
  • Deadlines: Submit order by December 1 and orders will be sent home on December 8.

After You Place Your Order:

  • After you place an order, you are responsible for payment directly to the school.
  • Print your completed order form and send it into school with cash or a check made payable to Green Park Lutheran School for the total amount of Scrip before the order deadline. Orders will not be placed without payment.

*Please note: Dierbergs grocery gift cards are not available through Great Lakes. However, you may continue to obtain these from the four association congregations or the school office.

Please visit the Great Lakes website at or for more information. If you print out the list of retailers, make sure you check it frequently as the retailers/denominations are occasionally changed or deleted.

Scrip Rules & Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the Green Park Lutheran School Scrip Program is to provide GPLS families the opportunity to reduce their annual tuition and school fees.
Green Park purchases retail Scrip gift cards through The Great Lakes Scrip Center.
Great Lakes has a free online scrip management service at that helps Great Lakes clients manage their scrip programs. Green Park families are encouraged to register online at to place their orders. This allows families to order anytime day or night. Scrip can also be purchased through the school office or at the four association congregations.
*If orders are placed online at, a GPLS Registration Form must be completed and signed for each school year. The GPLS Registration Form can be obtained at school or by contacting the Scrip Coordinator. This directs how the earnings are to be applied and how you want to pick up your cards.
Orders will not be placed the week of spring break or Christmas vacation. Days off during the school year may alter the schedule at other times.
If an order was placed at one of the four association congregations, the order may be picked up in the school office. GPLS accepts no responsibility for gift cards when Scrip orders are released to a student. Students will receive only the gift cards ordered for that designated family.
All Scrip orders must be accompanied by cash or check made payable to “Green Park Lutheran School”. Checks returned due to insufficient funds will incur a $25 fee. If a check is returned insufficient, future sales of Scrip will be discontinued until all payments are received. If additional checks are returned, only cash will be received. Full dollar value is received with each order and, therefore, does not qualify as a charitable contribution deduction. Errors in ordering gift cards are the responsibility of the participant and gift cards will not be exchanged. When Scrip gift cards are received, please verify their accuracy. In the unlikely event you should find a discrepancy in your Scrip order, please contact the Scrip Coordinator on the next school day.
Scrip gift cards are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly. GPLS will not be responsible for gift cards that are lost, stolen or misplaced while in your (or your child’s) possession. Scrip gift cards are not returnable. Gift cards can be used just like cash at the participating business. Gift cards may have an expiration date. Expired gift cards are the responsibility of the holder and cannot be traded back. Some stores limit the amount of change returned from a gift card purchase.
Application of Earnings
Each active participant will receive a Scrip statement of purchases and credit earned periodically. If you are registered at you may obtain a history of your online orders at any time. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Scrip coordinator within 7 days.
Further details are available upon request of the Scrip Coordinator, Sara Hopfer.