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10 Reasons to #chooseGP

Why do families choose Green Park generation to generation?

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10. Green Park teachers go above & beyond.

Meet Ann Ryherd, Middle School Science Teacher. This is her the afternoon we broke for Christmas break. “Well we need a winter sample for the creek study,” she said, “why not an optional field trip?” She was able to lead four cars of parents and kids excited about science into additional learning the first hours of Christmas break.
She and her fellow GP faculty routinely look for new ways to challenge and excite students about subject matter. It’s care and concern, extra tutoring, late night emails, and a love of students.

9. Lifelong friendships start here.

When you choose a school for your children, friendship happens. When you choose a small private setting like Green Park, you find friendship too. It’s part of volunteering together, sitting in the stands cheering, and even cooking a meal for a friend in need. The friendships created on our campus are unique and lifelong.

8. Tradition for all the right reasons.

Green Park boasts a rich 57 year history with deep roots of building legacies. It’s no wonder families from generation to generation choose to return. At GP, you’re part of the family. The late Mr. & Mrs. (Ted & Barb) Palisch were founding teachers and icons in our community. Their combined 70 years of service are celebrated as their daughter, Brenda, now continues (4th grade teacher).
Our school is far from a start-up still experimenting in education, it’s a tried and true choice.

7. Junior Kindergarten on campus.

Green Park JK has doubled in just two years. Families of little ones enjoy the choice in schedule and the option for full time faith-based pre-k. Middle school students are given opportunities to be leaders on campus as reading buddies and chapel partners. The biggest differentiator? Three and four year olds are on a big school campus making the transition to kindergarten with ease.

6. Parents welcome.

Walk down the halls to class, message your child’s teacher, volunteer in the classroom, PTO, Moms in Prayer, tutoring, mystery readers, and more. Get involved with your child’s education. We encourage open communication through student-led parent/teacher conferences and we welcome you.

5. Middle school leaders.

When you choose Green Park middle school, your child will be trained to be a leader. The JK-8 campus sets the stage for young adults to step up as role models for the lower school. Tweens and young teens delight in being the oldest, most experienced on campus.

4. Learning doesn’t stop at 3:15.

Green Park students develop their leadership and character beyond the classroom on the field, court, and stage. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, track & field, cross country, scouting, NJHS, knitting, chess, academic team, robotics, lego league, band, choir and strings are just a few of the offerings for continued student development.

3. The success continues.

It’s no secret we love celebrating Vikings beyond eighth grade. Recently 49 of the 69 Green Park graduates at Lutheran High School South received an academic award earning 3.2 GPA or higher.

2. Individualized instruction because they’re individuals.

Ask any educator – you’ll be sure to hear each child brings his or her own unique learning style to the classroom. “There’s a huge range of normal.” explains GP Kindergarten Teacher, Stephanie Torbeck. “Children are developing different skills at different times. That’s why it’s important to take them to their next level.”
Through the Balanced Literacy curriculum offered at Green Park, teachers regularly assess all students in order to challenge them at developmentally appropriate levels. Our dedicated Reading Library with Reading/Math Specialist, Debbie Prange, offers teachers the flexibility to better individualize instruction.

1. What a friend we have in Jesus.

It’s our number one. Students are free to live their faith out loud. Whether church is new to your family or passed through generations, we’ll meet you where you are. Join us in faithfully equipping the next generation.