12 Photos that Define Green Park

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Green Park Lutheran School is a ministry of Christ Memorial, Gethsemane, Peace and Resurrection churches.  For more than 50 years, Green Park has offered excellence in K-8 education in south St. Louis county.  Join us as we faithfully equip the next generation. 



May 21, 2014 It was a monumental day for our friends at Peace Lutheran Church as the steeple was installed on the new sanctuary. Our association pastors were there in support and celebration. Pastor Greg Smith, Christ Memorial; Pastor Dennis Kastens, Peace; Pastor Mike Bronner, Resurrection; and Pastor Derek Paetow, Gethsemane. #wearefamily



May 2014 Mrs. Ann Ryherd’s middle school Science Fair award recipients smile. The St. Louis Science Fair is an initiative of the Academy of Science and sponsored by Monsanto and SunEdison. This year, there were over 2,500 top projects, representing nearly 230 public and private schools on display and eligible for further awards. 40 GPLS students had projects that progressed on to our St. Louis Science Fair. The results? 22 Blue Ribbon 1st Place, 13 Red Ribbon 2nd Place, 5 Green Ribbon 3rd Place. Three students received special recognition and awards: Sun Edison chose Jess Gabel (6th) and Matt Buck (5th) and Air & Waste Management Association chose Sophia Cook (7th).



March 11, 2014 7th & 8th grade boys’ volleyball team won their FIRST game tonight! #itshistory #govikings #boysvolleyballbegins



Feb 7, 2014 The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) brought the Block Kids Program to Green Park. NAWIC is an organization for the betterment of women in the workplace. The Block Kids Building Program works to educate kids that jobs are available outside of labor in the construction industry in accounting or law, for example.
Block Kids Building Program provided each student (3rd, 4th and 5th graders this morning) with a bag of 100 blocks (Legos), poster board, foil and string. Students were given simple parameters to build a building/structure in 40 minutes. During that time judges asked questions about the needs of the building and scores were based on the answers given.
1st place: Garren E.
Here’s what the judges had to say:
“Garren created a ‘Corbel’ wall for over a small creek or nature trail with decorative cornices. This is a pedestrian bridge for lookout. The bricks interlock with no mortar – very fancy and ornate. After years of judging we had to Google what this was. This young man was very excited and knew he needed lots of Math and Science but definitely wanted a career as an engineer. As an added touch he had a fisherman with string attached to bait and fist in the water. High attention to detail!”



Feb 3, 2014 Hugs! 2014 Green Park Academic Team group hug after finishing 3rd in the Silver Bracket at the state competition. A rare moment of pride as Mr. Hesse enjoys the success of his students – the most accomplished group he’s worked with at the state level.



Jan 3, 2014 Green Park just got a little bit greener. Thanks to the generosity of PTO and the work of administration/board (Ashlyn Cunningham, Gary Spieler, Lorri Hackett, Joe Sneed) we have a hydration station! Fill up your bottles and keep things green. #greenrules



December 2013 What started as a conversation with her peers and teachers turned into a conscious decision for this young adult just before Christmas. 8th grade Korean exchange student, Somin K., decided she too wanted to be baptized. After prayers and conversations with her teacher, Mrs. Angie Schiller, that wish became a reality. Somin chose to keep things small in the classroom (not in an all-school chapel setting). The young adult chose Gethsemane’s Pastor Paetow to officiate and of course, Mrs. Schiller as a sponsor. The Green Park family is merely flattered to be part of such a sacred event in Somin’s growing faith life. To God be the Glory!



November 17, 2013 FIRST IN STATE. 2013 LSAM State Volleyball Champions-Green Park Vikings! Congratulations ladies! #greenparkstrong



May 2014 What started as a fun Facebook post of 30 of the past 50 years of GPLS graduating classes ended as a riotous success in connections. Sure, we know Green Park is rich in history and traditions but when graduation photos…from 1964 even…prompt overnight success and hilarious connections you know there’s something more to the rich history. It’s rooted in friendship, faith formation and full of fantastic memories.



September 13, 2013 Friends of Green Park gathered once again for the kick off of the “Yesterday, Today and Forever” annual fund wine tasting. It was a night of fun and fellowship and “cheers” for our school. Another great tradition full of fellowship and connection.



August 29, 2013 Fourth graders in Mrs. Huster’s class smile with George “The Shoeman” Hutchings. After a decade of travel and humanitarian missions in Kenya, George realized that without clean water, all other aid would not matter so he established Shoeman Water Projects in 2008. This month’s chapel offerings? ALL SHOES accepted – good/fine/poor/bad shape tied together please. Hundreds were collected.



September 26, 2013 Best quote of the day from kindergarten: “Bad news is it’s almost the end of the day. Good news is we have the whole year.” Evan C.
Check out these kindergarteners reading books on iPads this afternoon. Lounging on the cool new #FOLLOW pillow compliments of Mrs. Truemper. #letthembelittle